Summer Reading Programs

Each year, The Friends of Thomas Branigan Memorial Library sponsors summer reading programs for children, teens and adults.  The reading programs include a series of fun, educational activities and events at the library, prizes and reading challenges. Last summer, 662 children and teens participated in the program.  And 2,895 children, teens and adults attended events and activities throughout the program.

This year’s summer reading program theme is “Build a Better World.”


Children’s Summer Reading Program

This is a 40-day reading challenge that starts at the start of June and runs through July.  Children are asked to read or listen to a story based on a particular theme for 20 minutes every day.  For each ten days completed, the child wins a prize.  The Friends provide prizes and reading trackers.  Activities and events based on the summer reading theme take place regularly throughout the program.  Last year, there were 53 children’s activities and events with 2,375 kids attending.

For information about this year’s Children’s Summer Reading Program, please click here.

Teen Summer Reading Program

This program is for children in grades 5-12.  There are games, activities and events for participants in this age group.  Just like last year, teens will receive a BINGO card and prizes.  Some of the prizes included water bottles, earbuds, pens, highlighters, flash drives and tote bags.  There are also movie screenings and game nights for teens held at the library.  The grand prize for BINGO is a 2 GB flash drive.  In summer 2016, there were 41 teen activities with 398 in attendance.

Please click here for information about this year’s Teen Summer Reading Program. 


Adult Summer Reading Program

The adult summer reading program includes a challenge and a series of programs over the nine-week period that relate to a particular theme.  Last year, the adult reading program had 13 activities — which included courses on topics such as life hacks, quilts and chocolate — with 122 people attending.  Adults were also invited to play a H.E.R.O.E.S. Game at the library.

Please click here for more information on this year’s Adult Summer Reading Program. 


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